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About the TU/e Contest

The TU/e Contest is an initiative of TU/e innovation Space. It is a contest for the engineers of the future with entrepreneurial ambitions. As a contestant you are standing on the shoulders of the TU/e innovation Space network. You get to know successful entrepreneurs and leading international companies that will help you on your way from dream to demo to world market.

Every year, since the first edition in 2015, the TU/e Contest has offered students the opportunity to further develop their own, ingenious ideas, prototypes and research projects into business ideas. The main purpose and mission is to challenge students to create or further develop innovative,out-of-the-box thinking solutions for societal problems and translate them into real products and business ideas, while interacting and making use of the expertise from our innovative and very knowledgeable partners.

This year the 9th edition of the TU/e Contest will take place. TU/e innovation Space will provide several hands-on entrepreneurship workshops. These are followed by mandatory interactive, peer-to-peer feedback sessions. Participating in these workshops will allow you to bring your ideas into practice in a fun, educational and accessible way. Moreover, many new partners have joined our network and are eager to work with students of Eindhoven University of Technology on successful innovations. Let's expand your network!

In a 4TU context, the format of the TU/e Contest will be used in 2023 to organize similar competitions at all 4 technical universities (TU Delft, University of Twente, WUR, TU/e). The entries of these competitions have the chance to compete in the fourth quarter of 2023 in the ‘Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge’. More information about this national challenge can be read here:


Do you have an idea, prototype, or a student team? Create an account and start making use of the platform. Interact with the network, develop your skills during workshops and attend events. Show off your idea or prototype and test your business model with experts and potential partners. The best teams win awards which enable them to take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey.

Company Challenges

After the TU/e Contest our partner network has the opportunity to invite you to work on a company challenge of their own. Helping a company find a solution is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and fresh insights. These company challenges will be solved by a team of selected students within one day at the location of the partner.


Are you looking for an internship, traineeship, or perhaps a job? You can easily make this known to the diverse network of the TU/e Contest by uploading your C.V. and sharing it directly with partners of your own interest. You will be connected to the best ecosystem on the planet: Brainport Eindhoven.