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Electric truck manufacturing has recently launched at full rate, which means that in a few years there will be many used batteries that will have reached the end of their first cycle. Currently, there is no strategy to handle these old batteries as they are simply stored in warehouses or sent to a scraper for little to no money. On the other hand, due to the transition to renewable energy, the fast-developing energy storage market also demands a huge number of new batteries every year.



Our Bio-photovoltaic (BPV) cell helps companies that produce low-power input electronic devices that want to have a greener business model and image. This is due to the ever increasing number of IoT devices using unsustainable batteries.

Team Polar

Our team is trying to solve the problem of executing research on Antarctica. Antarctica is the 5th biggest continent on Earth and conceals many unrevealed mysteries that would illuminate researchers about Earth's past and future. Currently, researchers do their best to understand climate change and the ice melting phenomenon. Although they have one major challenge, which is technology. Currently, the main mean of travel is by using old sherp-type vehicles which are kerosene driven and human controlled. This limits greatly the research possibilities as researchers need to go with multiple trailers full of provisions to reach a further point in the continent. That is the reason why only 25% of the continent is explored.


Marketswiper tries to increase online secondhand sales and improve circularity by making people reuse more.


There is no denying the fact that vehicles make a big dent in the environment, whether it is during manufacturing or running on the roads. However, as a community, we are not yet at the point where people can give up their cars and still fulfil all their mobility needs. But there are some cars out there that are greener than others.


Due to climate change and declining biodiversity, our health and liveability are at stake. Our cities will have to increasingly deal with heat stress, drought, and water issues caused by climate change. In addition, the great reduction in species is harrowing, because biodiversity is crucial for the breakdown of organic waste, plant pollination, and pest prevention, as well as controlling the water cycle and purifying both water and the air we breathe. Local governments and initiatives have been working on bringing more green into the public space, but many Dutch gardens are still fenced and paved, excluding great beauty that nature can bring. How can we make it easy and accessible for everybody to make their gardens more nature-inclusive?

Team Daedalus

Team Daedalus aims to empower humanitarian institutions through a platform for sustained aerial surveillance. By developing a semi-autonomous solar-powered drone, the team is creating a useful tool for wildfire detection and monitoring. Students are currently focusing on creating prototypes iteratively, with the goal of reaching 24h of continuous flight within the following few years.


Humanity has travelled to space using electronic chips powering mechanical components. With the constant burst of radiation from the sun and the rest of the universe, data can get corrupted. To combat this problem in space, a lot of defensive measures are taken to keep the gathered data safe. These methods are extremely costly. Next to this, sending equipment to space remains a tricky process. How can we quantify exact issues better? How can we safely transmit/receive data in a different way?

Neg-C (Negative Carbon)

Climate change as a result of human emissions.

Team Better/e

The future of energy production is clear - it is renewables that are going to take the lead. However, they have one shortcoming - intermittency. Due to wind patterns, night and day cycles, and overall weather, solar and wind energy are not stable in their operation. Furthermore, it is not only that there is too little energy when we need it but sometimes there is an excess. Then we hear stories about private solar panels being disconnected from the grid.

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