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Here you can see an overview of all the TU/e Contest candidates and teams. You can also filter on category, cluster of teams that are still looking for members!


Aero Team Eindhoven

Aero Team Eindhoven aims to enable efficient delivery of critical packages through the use of drones. However, the major challenge lies in the limited battery life of the drones. A drone carrying a moderately heavy package can only stay airborne for roughly an hour, and scaling up operations can only improve the range to a certain extent through the use of more efficient drones or improved battery technology.



In order to combat climate change, the output of CO2 need to be reduced at a very fast rate. A large contributor to the CO2 emissions is the automotive industry, and InMotion believes that the rate at which emissions are decreasing in this sector is not fast enough. A solution to this problem would be to increase the percentage of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) on the road, as this is currently only 6.1% (source: RVO). One of the main reasons for consumers to not drive electrically is the long charging times, as comfort is often the number one priority.

Team Spark/e

Energy demands and in the same manner, renewable energy production, are projected to further increase in the coming years. The current grid network is ill-equipped to deal with this increase and the negative effects can already be seen.


Student team SOLID is developing technology to store hydrogen with iron. This way, hydrogen can be stored in a cheap, safe, and compact way, compared to state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, the iron can be used multiple times, making it a circular energy carrier that doesn't need any CO2 in its process of storing energy. Currently, our team is building an installation that is able to produce hydrogen from iron and steam. However, we do realize that the iron used in our process ideally shouldn't originate from the mines directly as mining new ores is an intensive process, which can affect the environment of the mine immensely. Therefore we are looking at the possibility to use iron from waste streams to use in our reactor.


Global warming is an ever-increasing problem. To properly fight this, an energy transition is required. This energy transition is already taking place, with more and more solar and wind power being generated. However, there are many untapped sources of electric energy, such as small motions in everyday life.

ISA - Info Serving Assistant

Information (especially in complex businesses or projects) can be vast and often go way beyond the limit of what humans can process and remember. In an ever more complex world, there should be a simpler way to look up, interact with and get to decisions with your data.

Solar Team Eindhoven

The energy transition is not happening fast enough.


Warehouses, harbors, and airports are demanded to operate at a faster and faster rate every day. Advancements in technologies have allowed this to happen by introducing automated guided vehicles, which have proven effective in these sectors. However, at what cost? These vehicles use big batteries for which content is harmful to the environment after its lifetime. Besides, to build these machines, we exploit many of the planet's rare metals and resources. Financially speaking, it is not very productive to have an area where AGVs can charge and the time it takes for them to be charged.

Flow Sensor

Using a flow sensor which replaces the value in 2C engines and that also eliminates the timing chain, cam shaft etcetera; which increases the efficiency and reduces emissions.

TU/e Project

Patients don't get enough or the right information to self manage their disease

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